The Documentary Summit 2012 Washington, D.C.

DATES: March 10th and 11th, 2012.

DATE: MARCH 10th and 11th (Saturday/Sunday, 9.00am to 5.00pm)

VENUE: The George Washington University, Washington, DC. 

The D.C. Documentary Summit is brought to you by the following:

Washington, D.C. 2012 Industry Speakers


The Director of The Documentary Center at George Washington University, founding Director of SILVERDOCS, the largest documentary festival in the US. And an award wining producer/director. Nina will talk about producing documentary and non-fiction TV. MORE HERE...


A critically acclaimed Documentary film producer, founder of ZejMedia and D.C's social media guru. David will be giving you all the information you need to know to market your film successfully with social media. 



CEO of digital platform DYNAMO PLAYER, an online distribution solution. Rob will explain how documentaries have a new distribution outlet that achieves phenomenal results, where it not only targets your audience but also brings you financial returns from day one. MORE HERE...

Casey heads a local indie distribution company for documentaries with his company Garden Thieves Pictures. As also a producer, Casey understands the needs for documentary producers more than most distributors. MORE HERE...

PBS Staff 

CARA LIEBENSON - Assistant Director Primetime Programming.

JALYN HENTON & SUMNER MENCHERO - senior program associates, Program Development and Independent Film.

Cara, Jalyn and Sumner will be talking about how best to pitch your projects and navigate the waters at PBS (the most prominent provider of documentary programs to US public television stations)  MORE HERE...


Experienced documentary cinematographers and producers on numerous programs for National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and PBS. Jeff and Peter will tell you how you can achieve that amazing look quickly and on budget. MORE HERE...


Media Arts Specialist with NEA  - The National Endowment for the Arts. 

Mary works with applicants who are wishing to access NEA funds. She will take you through the procedure at NEA and will tell you how the NEA can best serve you. MORE HERE...


Co Founder and owner of Washington D.C's West End Cinema and a Documentary producer. Josh was previously the Chief Marketing Officer for indie distributor Film Movement. MORE HERE...



Daniels annually commissions over 150 hours of original series, specials, and events for broadcast on NGW globally. MORE HERE...


Academy Award nominated Documentary Filmmaker with films, STREET FIGHT, RACING DREAMS, IF A TREE FALLS: A STORY Of THE EARTH LIBERATION FRONT.MORE HERE... 


D.C. based documentary filmmaker who's produced many docs for broadcasters including Nat Geo, History Channel, Discovery, A&E. His first documentary feature THE REDEMPTION OF GENERAL BUTT NAKED won Best cinematography at Sundance 2011. MORE HERE...


Richard Chisolm is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker and cinematographer with thirty years of production experience. His latest film is CAFETERIA MAN. MORE HERE...


Co-founder and President of PART2 PICTURES. A producer with more than 15 years making documentary films on subjects ranging from history to social issues across the US and the world. MORE HERE...

The Problem We All Face As Documentary Filmmakers

Documentaries are often pioneered by a single person, or a partnership. That’s great as doc teams need to be lean and dynamic. But making a documentary requires such a broad and diverse skill set that very few people can cover all the bases. There are always blind spots and weaknesses in your plan.

And that’s where we come in.

THE DOCUMENTARY SUMMIT will take you through EVERY step of the process, discussing the more important aspects with our visiting industry experts.


You will…

  • Learn how to turn your good idea into a worldclass killer proposition.
  • Go through the whole process, step by step.
  • Documentaries are not facts, they are truths, and therefore stories, so we will teach you about story structure.
  • Figure out the best technology for your documentary, camera, editing, sound.
  • Find out where to get crew and partners.
  • Get your legal questions answered and leave with form contracts and releases, the paperwork you need.
  • Learn what attracts broadcasters to invest in your film, or buy it.
  • How to bypass traditional routes to funding and distribution (and why you should)
  • How to get your film into cinemas and on TV
  • What to do next, this is a career!


Terms and Conditions

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