Panels and panelists subject to change based on panelist availabilty


Saturday, October 13, 2012


9:00AM Arrival and check-in


9:15AM Introduction by Andrew Zinnes


9:30AM Panel 1: Storytelling in Development: Proposal Writing

Kathryn Dietz

Kathryn is on the NEH's panel for reviewing their grant proposals. Get first hand info on what it takes to get one past her!


10:45AM Panel 2: Storytelling Production - Producer/Director

David Tames/Filmmaker

Nancy Porter/Filmmaker

Rebecca Rolink/Filmmaker

David gives war stories from his films. Nancy will speak about storytelling in cinema verite versus historical/re-enactment projects. Rebecca brings her experience working on various projects for WGBH as well as her own feature length documentary projects.



FERNANDA ROSSI - Pitch, logline, synopsis and demo! They can be a money-making combo for your documentary film or the cause of every rejection letter you’ll ever get. Learn how to best represent your project verbally, in writing and with audiovisual material with internationally acclaimed story consultant Fernanda Rossi in this one-hour presentation. The workshop will cover:

There will be a raffle for a gift certificate. Also the book Trailer Mechanics will be available  at a discount with signing after the presentation.




2:30PM Panel 4: Storytelling during Production II - DP 

Chuck Green

Ben Pender-Cudlip

Valery Lyman


3:45PM Panel 5: Storytelling during Post-Produciton - Editor

Julie Mallozzi

Tim Raycroft



Sunday, October 14, 2012


9:30AM Panel 6: Making it Pop - Composer & Animation

Bryan Papciak/Handcranked Film Productions

Sheldon Mirowitz/Composer


10:45AM Panel 7: Legal Issues: Clearance & Copyright & Everything Else

Sandra Forman/Entertainment Lawyer (Rich May, P.C.)

Steve Ascher/Filmmaker/Troublesome Creek


12:00PM Panel 8: Getting It Out There: Distribution

Alice Bouvrie/Producer-Director

Franco Sacchi/Filmmaker





2:30PM Panel 9: Social Media & Marketing/Publicity

Frank Auer/Digital Marketing Manager @ WGBH

Julia Gaynor/Senior Copywriter @ Digitas

3:45PM Panel 10: Boston Filmmaking Case Study

24 Hours at the South Street Diner/Melissa and Tom Dowler  

Tom and Melissa did a successful crowdfunding campaign, made the film in 24 hours and got it out there themselves. Learn how that happened!