Documentary Summit Chicago, 2012 SPEAKERS


Andrew toiled in Hollywood development for top producers, Norman Lear (STAND BY ME and THE PRINCESS BRIDE) and producer Donald De Line at Paramount Pictures on films such as DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE and THE ITALIAN JOB) for more than a decade. But soon, Andrew craved to be more hands on in the creative process and worked documentary/reality TV production for such networks as MTV, TruTV, Telemundo and mun2. Wanting to give back to the community, Andrew became the co-author of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook, part of the best selling The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series, where he interviewed literally hundreds of documentary professionals - many his colleagues - so that others could avoid pitfalls and land mines in a genre where you might actually deal with pitfalls and land mines. His latest film PAPER PROMISES just aired on Super Channel, Canada and is set to be released worldwide this year.