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How to make and sell your first documentary film - Podcast with James Collie on ‘Beyond Biba’

What’s extraordinary about James and his documentary is that he shot it for £5k and managed to sell and distribute the film himself, selling out cinemas here in the UK, doing his own DVD release and selling it to Sky TV. He even managed to rent the film to festivals for $1,000 per screening. All by just picking up the phone, asking questions and creating relationships. We can all learn a great deal from his direct and simple approach. 'Beyond Biba' site here.

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Crowdfunding with IndieGoGo

Crowd Funding has become the first step toward financing that many indie film makers make. Of course, it’s often part of a bigger financial picture, but it can represent that all important seed money, gap funding, completion money or even represent complete budgets. Listen to this podcast with Danae Ringelmann from IndieGoGo. What impressed me most about her and the IndieGoGo philosophy is that they clearly believe that everyone should have their chance, an equal opportunity if you like, to make a success of their project. It’s core to what they do. 

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The Future Of Indie Doc Distribution with Peter Broderick

Alternative distribution guru Peter Broderick has been pushing for years for the filmmaker to be more involved with their distribution. And now that avenues like Distribber and Dynamo Player exist, he's even more keen to state that the power to reach people (and to monetise it) are totally in your hands.  Listen up!

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How can YOU get the most out of the film festival experience? Film festival veteran Susan Cohen lets us know (30 mins)

Film festivals are a great way to platform your film, to get it in front of audiences, and even to help cut deals with distributors. But they are also a quagmire, a cash and time drain, and sometimes, bitterly disappointing. Last year I spent a good six months touring the world with ‘Gone Fishing’ and on my adventures I kept bumping into the talented and extremely charming, Susan Cohen. And so I asked Susan to share with us all, everything that she knew about festivals…

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